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Streaming Analytics brings "Real-Time" to Total Compliance

Investment banks and brokers know only too well the need for platforms to collect, detect and act on patterns in fast moving big data. And these platforms are growing from single tools into integrated suites that make them more useful than ever. See what streaming analytics can do for your company with your copy of the Forrester Wave: Big Data Streaming Analytics Platforms.

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Capital Markets: The Digital Transformation

Regulation. Market volatility. Disruptive technology. Client expectations. All are combining to create new headwinds for the status quo in Capital Markets. To truly change your business model, you must embrace a fully digital future to get the greatest value out of their data, engage customers in new channels, identify risks and capitalize on new opportunities. Digital Transformation is not a one-time project but a continuous evolution. See what success in the digital age looks like for Capital Markets.

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Software AG's Charlie Platt discusses Digitization of Capital Markets

Pressure from regulators, governments and the public is driving unprecedented change to financial services compliance, demanding better transparency, data visibility and integration. What’s needed is Total Compliance. The way to achieve that? Total Digitization. The Realization Group talks to Software AG's Charlie Platt about Digital Transformation in Capital Markets.

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Compliance across the Enterprise

Only a technology platform built specifically for Digital Transformation can deliver the level of integration, application innovation, analysis, and rapid decision-making needed to satisfy regulators and boardrooms alike. Explore the following use cases to see how Total Compliance helps you meet these demands while providing actionable insight into your business.

Enterprise Connectivity drives Total Compliance

In the digital age, breaking down data silos with enterprise grade integration isn’t a nice-to-have. It’s a necessity. And amid the rise of SaaS and Cloud, banks also need to provide secure and scalable hybrid integration that meets the technical requirements of IT but still serves the needs of the business. See how Software AG’s Digital Business Platform makes a difference by offering a systematic and process-oriented approach to complete integration.

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Software AG has integrated all building blocks to create the world’s first Digital Business Platform - empowering you to master your Digital Transformation.

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